Acting Personal has really resonated to me. Being more personal means addressing the needs, or building the relationship, with a stakeholder/customer at the individual level such that the experience is tailored entirely to them. It means delivering products and services on a ‘pull’ basis rather than a ‘push’ basis, i.e., you give customers what they ask for, or need, not just what you want them to have. There’s no doubt that social media are key tools here, allowing for real dialogue to take place in which those needs and wants can be uncovered. I think acting personally is a big strategic decision for a business to make because it requires the whole decision-making structure to be re-oriented around the customer – you can’t start listening and then decide halfway through to ignore it because you don’t like the implications of what you hear. Jim Prior is CEO of The Partners

Staying a step ahead of today’s ever-changing and complex global environment is no easy feat, even for the savviest of marketers and C-suite executives. That’s why we’ve developed the THAP beta lab, your gateway to learning, collaborating, and assessing how leaders around the world can shape a desirable and sustainable future for their organization.


This is where you, along with our extensive network of high profile business executives, MBA students, professors, and other marketing gurus, come together to discuss Think Holistic Act Personal—a new alternative to solving everything that’s been missing in the way we approach, address, and help eradicate major challenges such as poverty, education, and sustainability happening around the world today.


Join your host, Luis Gallardo, as he combines his shared passion and expertise in the areas of global brand strategy, behavioral economics and collective leadership to bring you what is quite possibly, the most eminent and effective business philosophy of the 21st century. So goodbye Global-Local, it’s time we start thinking holistically and acting personally for everything we set out to achieve.

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