Think Holistic, Act Personal, the platform created by Luis, is a powerful concept. At its best, brand is a key tool to make people think holistically, but you also need to act personally and tailor the message content and voice to the audience. Thinking holistically means capturing synergies across the organization and thinking outside in: a strategically well-defined brand is a rallying point for all across the organization and a filter to bring in an outside perspective to all decisions. Acting personal means considering people and the human element in all you do. A brand platform should be all-encompassing but also expressed and messaged to be relevant to the interests and needs of individual audiences. In order to think holistically, you need a framework, and in order to act personal, you need freedom. These terms are not as opposed as they first may seem, and areessential elements in the process of building a successful global brand. Brian Rafferty is Global Director, Customer Insights at Siegel + Gale

Staying a step ahead of today’s ever-changing and complex global environment is no easy feat, even for the savviest of marketers and C-suite executives. That’s why we’ve developed the THAP beta lab, your gateway to learning, collaborating, and assessing how leaders around the world can shape a desirable and sustainable future for their organization.


This is where you, along with our extensive network of high profile business executives, MBA students, professors, and other marketing gurus, come together to discuss Think Holistic Act Personal—a new alternative to solving everything that’s been missing in the way we approach, address, and help eradicate major challenges such as poverty, education, and sustainability happening around the world today.


Join your host, Luis Gallardo, as he combines his shared passion and expertise in the areas of global brand strategy, behavioral economics and collective leadership to bring you what is quite possibly, the most eminent and effective business philosophy of the 21st century. So goodbye Global-Local, it’s time we start thinking holistically and acting personally for everything we set out to achieve.

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