January 5th, 2013  |  Published in Act, Reputation, Revenues

Mass Marketing in a Global Economy is Dead: Prove You Can Personalize

Luis Gallardo, Author of Brands & Rousers.The Holistic System to Foster High-Performing Businesses, Brands and Careers.


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Our global consciousness is growing. Whether it’s the Syrian uprising covered 24/7 on CNN or protests in Iran arranged via Twitter, traditional as well as new media forms — along with the myriad devices we use to get connected — ensure that our need for constant access is being met.


Furthermore, thanks largely to Facebook, there are only 4.5 degrees of separation between any two people anywhere on the planet. With the world continuing to proverbially shrink, is it really any surprise that today’s consumers crave a personalized touch more than ever before? Everything from smartphones to Twitter points to us being as interconnected as possible. Translation: we want people (and in this case, yes, companies are people, too) to know who we are.

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